Monday, January 31, 2011

Wild winged wishes

When I was a young girl and feeling a need to escape the boundaries of my life, I imagined I could call a beautiful, wild, winged horse. This horse would let me climb on her back and we would soar above my troubled world. It was a feeling of pure freedom. Since reaching adulthood, I put these fantasies aside but still there is a part of me that hopes she would hear my call were it to be made today.


She stands alone - wind ruffled mane -
Tossed and wild –
Nothing tamed.

Then surges upwards - unfettered.
Strong and fearless –

My heart soars with the wild, winged horse
Who loves the open sky
And I, who loves the horse, do know
What wondrous ride she could bestow.
For which I’d gladly risk it all
Yes, even risk the deathward fall
To have but done it once.


  1. Interesting structure. Almost a sonnet. Some rhyming and some not. I like it.

  2. Thanks AC. It just developed that way. Maybe the structure is befitting the subject - sort of untamed : -)

  3. Lovely, it evokes such vivid images! Flighty xx