Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chillin' in Chilliwack

Last month after my nature trip in Saskatchewan, I went a little further west to visit my brother Nelson and his wife Shirley in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Here they are (above) with their sweet dog Katie.

It was a relaxing visit where we just hung out and did a couple of day trips to interesting places not too far away. Also, their lovely home is situated within walking distance to the Vedder River, a gorgeous, wild, rocky river that is home to all sorts of wildlife!  I enjoyed getting up at dawn and walking along its shoreline.

The following photographs depict the glorious nature found in the area.  What a wonderful place to enjoy retirement!

I suppose this slug is not everyone's idea of "glorious nature" but I think they are beautiful in their own way!

This is more like it - right?! :-)

These lovely flowers were blooming along the river banks.

The fog one morning condensed on these webs making jeweled necklaces.

One of the web designers.

It was late in the year to see a baby Cottontail Rabbit.  

Isn't the Spotted Towhee a handsome bird?

 More scenic beauty!

A Barred Owl.

A Garter Snake.

A female Common Merganser.

Canada Geese.

This little bird is an American Dipper. It is a shy, uncommon bird which dives into the water to catch its prey. I watched it for several minutes hopping from rock to rock all along the river side.

Bridal Veil Falls.

Some of the lush vegetation at the falls.

Doris and Shirley standing at the base of the falls.

A view at Harrison Hot Springs.

Nelson, Shirley and Katie pausing to pose for a photo.

Sunset over the Vedder River ...  

The end of a beautiful day and a great visit.


  1. Nice to see thou and them, and you sure ended with an impactful photo. The one of driftwood sure caught my attention too.

    1. Thanks Anvilcloud. I appreciate your kind comments on the photos.

  2. Slugs and spiders and snakes are beautiful, each in their own way! It looks like you had a marvelous day, i'm so glad for you, and thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Thanks messymimi. I'm glad you appreciate these creatures too! :-)

  3. Your photos are just stunning! Chilliwack certainly has a lot to offer and you have a knack of finding it. :-)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Didee! I agree that Chilliwack has a lot to offer!

  4. That looks a wonderful place, and what a terrific selection of pictures illustrating the wildlife. I especially like the Barred Owl and Canada Geese.
    It was clearly warmer, despite the name, than in Saskatchewan! Flighty xx

    1. Thank you Flighty! I'm glad you liked those bird photos and, yes, you are so right about the temperature. I was delighted to warm up after the Saskatchewan cold. :-)