Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Deer photos

After the fox that I spotted during my recent visit to Ile St-Bernard (see my previous post), I saw a few small groups of deer.  Soft snow was falling and they looked like they had been dusted with powdered sugar.

Sometimes they would allow my close proximity; other times they kept their distance.  In any event, it was wonderful to be in their presence.

And on a final note, I thought this little Chickadee deserved a photo - especially considering her lovely snowflake "fascinator"!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fox photos

A recent trip to Ile St-Bernard near Montreal led to an exciting sighting of a fox.  Here is a short sequence of photographs as he ran across a path in front of me and then circled around to a frozen pond.  At the end is a bonus photograph of another amazing fox with whom I spent over one hour about ten feet away from him (with a link to a whole series of this animal on my Fine Art America site).

And finally ...

Please click here for more of this fox and a Barred Owl, etc.