Saturday, April 30, 2016

Losing My Heart

About thirty years ago my Dad mailed me a smooth, green, heart-shaped stone that he found on a beach in Victoria, B.C. where he had moved a few years earlier. It quickly became my most cherished possession.
I carefully placed it in a small, embroidered pouch to which I attached two tiny angel pins.  And then I carried it everywhere I went.

One time I dropped it in a coffee shop and as soon as I had realized that it was missing, I raced back to the shop and found it lying on the floor under the table.  What a relief!

This close call really worried me and I began to imagine how I would feel if it were gone forever. Also, now deeply ensconced in my sixties, I often wondered what I would do with this stone in the event of my demise.  It was a treasure only to me.

Well, sadly I need not worry about this now as it has been truly lost during a trip to Florida this month.  I think it probably fell out of my bag on the airplane or in the airport as I fumbled with my wallet and passport, etc.

A lost item report has been filed with the airline, the rental car agency and the rented house but so far to no avail.

Barring the return of the stone, all I can hope is that it is with someone who appreciates its beauty or it somehow finds its way to a resting place in the beautiful Florida sun.

I'm sorry Dad ...