Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Emerging Cicada

I ventured out a few days ago in the hopes of finding a Cicada emerging from its nymphal case.  I was astonished to do just that! 

I found it when it was halfway out and watched the entire process of it pulling itself free and pumping its green blood into its wings to expand them.  It looked like an exhausting ordeal and the Cicada paused several times (I presume to rest).

I would like to think it is now up in the tree-tops singing its summery song!

Here are images of the sequence of events.  If you click on the first image, it will enlarge and the series will be presented as a strip at the bottom of the screen that you can then navigate through.


  1. How remarkable that you knew how, when and where to look. Then you took great photos.

  2. How fascinating, and lucky you taking photos like that! Flighty xx

  3. Dear Anvilcloud and Flighty: thanks for being such faithful followers and commenters even when I leave the blogging world for a few months! Thanks for your kind words and I am at a loss to know how I had the great good fortune to find this insect. I am exceedingly grateful that I did.

    1. You're most welcome, and thank you for your kind words! Flighty xx

  4. What a find! Your photos are so clear - just fantastic. Ain't nature grand! :-)

  5. Thanks so much Didee. Nature is grand indeed!