Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interesting insects and others

Finding that mammals and birds are not always available or cooperative, I have lowered my sights (so to speak) to peer into the insect world.  I must add that I have included spiders and their kin as well.  Here is a selection of some of the more interesting subjects.

Crane Fly

Plume Moth

Jumping Spider (cute little guy!)

Phantom Crane Fly

Green Darner Dragonfly

Giant Ichneumon Wasp laying eggs

Daddy Longlegs

I am still waiting for a good photo of a Praying Mantis and my all time favourite - a Luna Moth!


  1. I'm afraid that this post really "bugs" me. haha

  2. What an amazing number of creatures live where we seldom notice them. Thanks, Do, for showing that they are beautiful too.

  3. What a wonderful selection, most of which I see here as well. I think that the plume month is a fascinating insect. Flighty xx

  4. Love the Crane Fly and his/her shadow. Nice post Doris.

  5. Hi AC: well, I just may bug you again in the future! : -)
    Hi Didee: I'm glad you liked them. It pays to peer into this "macro" world.
    Hi Flighty: I think I learned about plume moths from your blog and have wanted to see one ever since.
    Hi Steve: Thanks. I thought of calling it “Me and my shadow”.