Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Longer than a lifetime"

This past Saturday I watched the funeral of Jack Layton in its entirety and I was alternately moved to tears, amused to laughter, roused in spirit and just spellbound. 
The music was poignant and the singers magnificent.  The eulogies were a pleasure to listen to and the priest cracked me up! 
Jack - you had a terrfic send off.  I wish you could have seen it. 
During Jack Layton's son's eulogy, he mentioned some advice that Jack had given and it resonated with me. 
I have reproduced it here. 
It inspires me.


  1. Did you make the mandala, Doris?

  2. Yes, it was a photograph of a painted dragonfly on a window that I ran through a kaleidoscope function in PaintShop Photo Pro. Do you have that in Photoshop? It's fun to see the various results.

  3. Fine sentiments! Flighty xx