Sunday, March 27, 2011

Woodchuck and Fox videos

Although it was a bright, sunny day yesterday, it was quite cold and there was a brisk wind. Undeterred however were several Woodchucks who came venturing out of their dens after a long hibernation.
Here are two videos taken a couple of years ago. Both are very short. In the first one a young fox is disturbed by the presence of a cat and barks at it several times. Both animals were in the Mount Royal Cemetery eating some offerings from a cemetery visitor.


  1. Very cute. Foxy didn't much care for Kitty. Second guy was cute. Was he being shy or just wanting a nap?

  2. Wow! You are the faster commenter in the west! I barely turned around and there you were. I really appreciate that.
    I think the second one was sleepy. He yawns at one point but his face is pretty obscured by the grasses.

  3. They're quite adorable but I'm so amused at how the cat was so unconcerned by the fox.

  4. Yup,..that's a cat alright,looking down his nose at the fox. I'm sure the cat can't figure out why he has to share the planet with such a noisy little creature.


  5. Oops, AC, I meant to say the "fastest" not "faster".
    Hi Hilary: It is amusing isn't it? The cat couldn't care less.
    Hi Georges: Yes, typical cat behaviour. Cats rule!

  6. Wonderful, we have foxes here but not woodchucks! Flighty xx