Monday, March 28, 2011

Raccoons get equal time

The previous post had a couple of fox videos so to give equal time to raccoons here are two videos. The first shows a raccoon grooming himself and the second one is only a few seconds long and shows several young raccoons in a tree at various levels.

I apologize for the pixelation of these videos. Unfortunately the videos lose quality each time they are transferred from format to format. The originals are much sharper.


  1. Wonderful, we don't have these here either! Flighty xx

  2. Love those little bandits Doris. There is an innocence about these creatures that intrigues me.


  3. Cute morning video. They seem very well behaved, unlike some raccoons I have met. :) The grooming seemed somewhat cat-like.

  4. Hi Flighty: I would miss Woodchucks and Raccoons but I sure would like to see one of your sweet little Robins and maybe a Hedgehog!
    Yes Georges, aren't they intriguing?
    Hi AC: I thought the same thing about the grooming being cat-like.

  5. You'd have no problems seeing robins but hedgehogs are much more elusive, and sadly I've not seen any for years now! xx

  6. I have close connections to raccoons. One of my favourite critters. Sweet videos.