Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supernumerary rainbows and iridescent clouds

It's interesting how one thing leads to another and before you know it, a mystery is solved. Last night on the way home from work I saw a spectacular rainbow and as I studied it I noticed narrow bands on the inside of the arc. I checked the Internet and found out that this was a supernumerary rainbow!

Then, as I was perusing the website I clicked on iridescent clouds and this solved a mystery regarding a picture I took in March of 2006 in the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

On that day I had the camera pointed up towards a Goldfinch in a tree when I noticed the strange colouring of some clouds. It was unlike anything I had seen and so I photographed it but never researched it any further. Here is the photograph with reduced brightness to show the colours better. The colours themselves have not been enhanced.


  1. I guess this photo from Arizona was an iridescent.

  2. Another wonderful feature of Nature to be on the look-out for. :-)

    Great example too Anvilcloud!

  3. Love your photo Anvilcloud. I guess it is fitting with a name like that that you would be "into" clouds. :-)

  4. Fascinating, and I'm a member of The Cloud Appreciation Society! Flighty xx

  5. Hi Flighty. I like the idea of appreciating clouds. I will have to pay more attention to them.