Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Blue-spotted Salamander

I can't resist one more post on the Blue-spotted Salamander. This little creature is not only a wonder to see, but is a very interesting species.

Here is what an acquaintance wrote to me about the Salamander:

The Blue-spotted Salamander occurs in your part of the world, west into the area of the Great Lakes.
South of you, there's another species called the Jefferson Salamander, mostly to the west of here.
Where the two salamanders overlap, they can interbreed. When they do, they create yet two other species of salamanders, both hybrid ALL-FEMALE species: the Trembley's Salamander and the Silvery Salamander.
And there's even more to the story:
The male Blue-spotted Salamander breeds with the female Trembley's Salamander. The male only stimulating the female's egg development. The male's genetic material is not contributed.
I hope you are as impressed by this Salamander as I am!


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  2. A fascinating post and terrific photos! xx