Sunday, October 31, 2010

First snow

First snowfalls always come as a bit of a shock (especially in October) but if they are as beautiful as this, well ...

This fellow isn't sure he likes the idea.

And this one seems to be wondering what has happened to his tree!

So much beauty ...

Rather Christmassy for Hallowe'en ...


  1. Nicely seen. Just came from Ruth's blog. She has lots of bird pics up. You may be interested.

  2. Goodness me snow already! Lovely photos, which all look nice.
    I'd really rather not see any snow here this winter as even a dusting causes chaos, and it all too soon turns grey and mushy! Flighty xx

  3. Thanks AC. I liked her free birds.
    Hi Flighty - I know what you mean about it turning grey and mushy awfully quickly. Its loveliness is fleeting.

  4. Snow in October,..OUCH!

    It would be hard to pick a favorite picture. The trees and leaves are as majestic as they are therapeutic. Love the crow.