Sunday, September 12, 2010

Toronto trip - Part 3 (final)

Toronto's High Park was the last nature area that I visited during my short stay in the city. Because of the intense heat wave, I think more time was spent at the Grenadier restaurant drinking cold orange juice than at the Grenadier pond but I still saw some wonderful wildlife.

A lovely reflecting pond.

I found this hovering bee quite cooperative while trying to get a mid-air photo.

I noticed a whole string of Wood Duck boxes along the far shore of the Grenadier Pond and obviously they were productive!

One of my favorite subjects!

This photo shows just how expansive and wild the pond is.

And, proving the "wild" point, here is a Black-crowned Night Heron.

And, the ubiquitous Great Blue Heron was also out and about.

Another ubiquitous creature (at least at this time of year).

And lastly, this little fellow. The squirrels I had seen up to that point had been quite shy but this one was flattened out in the grass to try to cool off and was not about to move for anyone!


  1. The hovering bee is spectacular, and I'm jealous of your dragonfly pictures -- this one and the others.

  2. All wonderful photos, especially the butterfly! xx

  3. Great photos as usual Do. I just love those out-of-focus backgrounds!