Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, since I devoted a post to the Walking Stick I thought I'd give Cicadas equal time. Granted I don't think they are quite as cute but they are interesting too.

The picture below was taken in Toronto and as far as I can tell it is Tibicen Pruinosa. If you enlarge this photograph you can see three tiny red eyes which lie between the two large eyes on each side of its head. Rather alien looking, eh?

This fine fellow was in Arizona and again my best determination is that it is Tibicen Dorsata.

And finally, this is the discarded skin of the Arizona species.

An interesting fact about Cicadas is that they live the major portion of their long lives in the nymph stage. And of course, we have all heard their incredibly loud whine on our hottest summer days.
You can watch an amazing video of one shedding its skin here.

Another cool bug!


  1. The pictures are cool, and I suppose that I might grudgingly admit that the bugs are too ... or maybe not.

  2. Fascinating insects! Flighty xx