Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swamp creatures

Finally back to blogging. I seem to have blog posts that run through my mind but I haven't put anything down in writing. Actually, to take the easy way out, this will be another "picture post" with little text. My spare time seems to be spent either editing photos or taking them, with little time left for thinking or writing.

Here is a sampling of some of the swamp creatures that I encountered yesterday at my favorite nature park (Ile Bizard).

Least Bittern (a normally shy bird)


Song Sparrow


Marsh Wren


  1. Wonderful photos, and I especially like the Marsh Wren! Flighty xx

  2. Thanks Flighty. Isn't that little wren a sweetie?!

  3. It sure is! I rarely see wrens here but often hear them. Flighty xx

  4. How about you work on your photos all summer and write all winter? Just share them here a little as you go along.