Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dramatic Dragonflies

The more I photograph dragonflies the more fascinated I become by their beauty and variety. The following identifications are my best judgements. If anyone has another suggestion, please let me know.

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Male Eastern Pondhawk

Female Eastern Pondhawk

Dot-tailed Whiteface

Four-spotted Skimmer

Unicorn Clubtail

Common Green Darner

Female Widow Skimmer

Immature male Widow Skimmer

Male widow Skimmer on Loosestrife

Male Widow Skimmer

Immature male Widow Skimmer

Immature male Widow Skimmer


  1. You've got this down to a science and/or an art. I'll vote for the Immature Male Widow Skimmers and perhaps even more for for the Four-spotted Skimmer. My question is: is it redundant to call a male of any age immature.

  2. Good one AC! Thanks for the laugh :-)

  3. Superb photos of these wonderful insects!
    You're not the only lawn lounger who finds them as fascinating as NiC over at London Nature Photo Blog does to! xx

  4. These are amazing Doris! I love the first photograph... he loooks as if he has a crash helmet on! ;o)

  5. Hi Flighty: Thanks for the link. What a great collection of pictures! I have saved the link in my "favorites".
    Hi Daffy: It's funny you mention crash helmets because I have been thinking these last few days how helmeted cyclists remind me of dragonflies!

  6. Gorgeous shots.

    Flighty told me about this blog after reading my poem about dragonflies. Here's a link: