Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photography exhibit

This past week-end I participated in the annual Mount Royal Cemetery photography exhibit. This was my third time participating and is an event that I look forward to since most of my photography is done in this cemetery or other parts of Mount Royal. This year's theme was "The spirit of the mountain expressed through texture in all its forms".

It's always fun to meet up again with the other participants and view their work.

Here are the four entries that I submitted with their titles and write-ups:

Leaf in decline. The texture of this weathered and partially consumed leaf shows how insects and other organisms use it to sustain themselves. The spirit of the mountain is expressed in life's continuance.

Rock and icicles. The textures exhibited in this image convey an abstract quality. The spirit of the mountain encompasses both the permanent and the transient as symbolized by both the rock and the icicle.

Light and texture. The pattern of the veins and the reflection of the light on these leaves highlight an interesting texture. The spirit of the mountain is expressed through the various forms of plant life.

Muddy face. This muddy Woodchuck's face exhibits the texture of its earth-encrusted fur and gives an insight into its habits in the woodland areas. What better expression of the mountain's spirit than this gentle creature.

I was very pleased during the awards ceremony to find out that my picture Light and texture won the "Artist's Choice" award. This is the photograph voted by the participants to have best represented the theme.

All the winning photos will be exhibited in "The Gryphon D'or Tea Room" in NDG (Montreal) for two weeks in June.

Next year's theme is "The spirit of the mountain as expressed by Nature in all its forms" so that makes it wide open - but hard to choose what to submit!


  1. Congratulations on all of your fine entries. The leaves in the winner look very rich, like leather.

  2. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! This is a standing ovation from me. Congrats!

  3. Well done and congratulations!
    I like the winning photo best, and as Anvilcloud says the leaves have a distinct leathery look to them. Flighty xx

  4. Congratulations, well deserved! I loved the rock and icicles.

  5. Thank you everyone. I loved the standing ovation, Cuppa! :-)

  6. I love the 'Leaf in decline' one the best... no, "Light and texture". No - "Rock and icicles" is the best. Oh, but that muddy face is so cute... Okay! I love them all!!