Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chipmunk antics

When a small pile of leaves started moving I became interested. Then all of a sudden a chipmunk popped straight up clutching a nut as its treasure. It was interesting to see how this animal would try to push large pieces of the nut into its cheek and when it wouldn't fit - pull it out to reshape it by whittling it down and trying again. Here is a short sequence of some of what transpired.

Ah, what a find!

Need to get through this hard shell!

There! - got to the good part!

Yumm ...

Now to just push it in.

OK, almost there!

Hmmm, not as easy as I thought!

Uh, oh. This definitely needs some re-thinking.

OK, let's gnaw this down a bit and try again!

Ah, there we go ... success!


  1. Great series. In the last one, he looks to be saying something like, "You doubted me?"

  2. What a wonderful post! Sadly we don't have chipmunks over here to entertain us with such antics. Flighty xx