Sunday, March 28, 2010

A wildlife week-end

Well, this has been a very pleasant week-end with numerous wildlife sightings. I went up to Mount Royal early Saturday morning and saw a fox immediately. It was trotting across an open area in the cemetery and then up a wooded embankment and off to the left on the ridge. I watched it carefully to see if it approached any of the denning areas that I know about but it simply disappeared among the trees. I am wondering if there will be fox kits this year. Another nice sighting was of a Cooper's Hawk. Also, I saw my first Woodchuck of the spring and after initially running away from me, it turned and walked directly towards me! It was only a few feet away and I was able to get some photos.

Today I went to a local woodland park and saw Chickadees, Goldfinches (in their "gold" attire now), House finches, Gray Squirrels and two Voles! I was very happy watching one Vole in particular and got some shots of it. I can't wait for Easter week-end to see what another week's progress of Spring brings.


  1. I'm glad I checked before turning the computer off for the night. I thought you might post on a Sunday evening. Whereabouts on Mount Royal do you trek? Is it somewhere off the beaten path? I am thinking the Beaver Lake to Chalet part, which is all that I am familiar with. You can answer here or by email, whichever you choose. Or not at all ... but I know you will.

  2. I've very much enjoyed reading some of your blog posts. Your photos are wonderful. What is the red breasted bird? Haven't seen one like it before.

  3. What a wonderful selection of wildlife, and great photos of them! Flighty xx

  4. Hi Ellie - thanks for your kind words. The red breasted bird is a House Finch. Not a very interesting name for such an attractive little bird (who also has a lovely song).
    Hi Flightplot - thanks for your nice words too!
    In case anyone is wondering, I already replied to Anvilcloud by email. :-)