Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sidewalk café

I guess I must be an optimist because when I think of winter I think of crisp white snow, sunshine and cobalt blue skies. I forget all about the dirty slush or frigid temperatures. Well today lived up to my idealized winter day!

I headed out to Mount Royal this morning and spent hours wandering about looking for wildlife. There were lots of tracks in the snow (fox, raccoon, squirrel, crow) but not very many creatures were out and about. At least not where I could see them. However a Downy Woodpecker was very cooperative by posing in the sun on a nearby tree.
Here it is.

The most amazing part of the day came later though when I was on my way home. By then I was feeling a little hungry and thought that a coffee and muffin would have been perfect. But the cafés on Côte-des-Neiges are always crowded and getting a seat is very difficult.

However ... the Second Cup had an outside terrace that was ... not crowded! So there I was, on January 23rd in a Montreal sidewalk café in the late afternoon!! I had no hat, no gloves and it was absolutely wonderful.

Mon pays c'est l'hiver ... vive l'hiver!


  1. The weather has been somewhat milder, and I can see how you'd be okay in the right spot.

    Way to trek. There are lots of woods and tracks at the cottage, but we never see anything -- apart from that one winter about five years ago.

  2. Wonderful winter! I love love love it up at Riverwood. Not so much in the slushy city, but in the country - a little piece of heaven.