Monday, January 25, 2010

No good deed goes unpunished

Well, well, well ... this is my second post in a row with an aphorism for a title. I am beginning to think this one is more true than yesterday's though. Not really, but I realized today that at sometime during my trip to Sears to right the wrong of my under-charged bill, I lost my transit card.

To replace it and the nineteen fares that were on it will cost me about $53.

Huh? How unfair is that?!


  1. The bright side of things going wrong is that they give you blog fodder.

  2. Ouch! That's just not fair. Go out and buy a lottery ticket. Maybe the Universe will correct things and you will win big!

  3. Just visiting from Anvil's blog. I see where you live life is as unfair as it is here.


  4. Came by way of AC's blog and he's right...Lovely photos!!
    I'm in love with Mr. Darcey!lol...pretty cat!

  5. Hi Doris, came by via A/C also. Great to see you come into the blogosphere. It is a fun, fun thing. The little bit of photos I have seen are very nice. Will continue to follow. I agree about the honesty post. That would weight heavily on my mind. Blessings

  6. Hi Doris, It doesn't seem fair at all, some would see it as a punishment not expected in return for honesty but I'm guessing it won't stop you doing the same again!
    I'm over from AC's place to and I'm very interested in your photographs! I love the one in the post a few days ago. The Wood Pecker! Wow. I have a woodpecker who visits my garden in England every day and the second I move towards the camera he takes off! I'll keep trying though! I'll be sure to visit again.
    (I'm daffy but I can't post comments from a Wordpress blog so I use this spare blogger blog for those very occasions. x)

  7. Your photo on AC's blog was enough to draw me in - welcome to Blogland!