Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I want to be like a slug!!

In grappling with the ethical dilemmas of living on this planet where those at the upper echelons of the food chain kill those who reside at lower levels, I became a vegetarian (with aspirations to be a vegan). However, during moments of wishful thinking I have often thought how wonderful it would be to live just from the energy of the sun. No killing, no eating even. Just absorbing sunlight into chlorophyll bearing cells! Such freedom, such purity!

Well, today it was announced that a creature has been found which is both animal and plant!

As reported by PhysOrg.com: "Researcher Sidney K. Pierce said the super green sea slug Elysia Chorotica which lives in waters on the east coast of the U.S. and Canada, is known to steal genes and photosynthesizing organelles called chloroplasts from its favorite intertidal algal species, Vaucheria litorea, but it now seems it has developed an entire chemical pathway to manufacture the green pigment "chlorophyll a", itself."

Basically all it has to do is bask in the sunlight to receive sufficient nourishment to live. No killing!

This is the true act of going "green". I like it! I am definitely up to the task of being a slug.


  1. I'm shocked, I tell you -- shocked! Both at you blogging and about this creature. No killing would be nice: the lion laying down with the lamb etc.

  2. Nothing shocks me about "The Potterperson". Your pictures are wonderfull Doris and your poetry a reflection of your soul. Now, as for the slug,and out of my new found respect for the creatures,I'll have to find another term when referring to "certain" people. Life is hard.


  3. Well, slugs are nice and are undoubtedly important in the scheme of things. However, it's hard to imagine the Potterperson we know spending her days lolling around in the sun.

  4. Am I the only one who thought - "hhmmm, slug that doesn't eat or digest food must be pretty pure - now... sauted in Garlic butter - imagine the freshness!" Seriously, though, Do-Do, congrats on the blog - my aunt is cooler than me - go figure! See ya and keep 'em posting! Sincerely, Coco (aka your favourite nephew)