Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giving thanks

My last two posts involved issues with money but by AC's generous sharing of his "blog friends", it emphasizes that friends are much more important. I was very pleased to receive all your comments and will take time this weekend to check out your own blogs and/or profiles. I am very new to all this so I'm not sure about the etiquette or even the navigation but I expect things will become clearer. And thanks, Donna for becoming my first "follower". I am honoured.

For Donna I will post another cat and for Serenity, another Woodpecker. I love to share my photos so expect to see many if you care to return. And thank you so much Cuppa, Barry and Queenmothermamaw for your interest and kind comments.


Pileated Woodpecker


  1. Good Morning Doris!
    Well thanks for the thanks but none were needed. It's nice when our frinds lead us to new friends. With your love of nature I already see we have something in common. There is no etiquette here or any other platform as far as I know. It's your space to do with what you want. :o) I use mine to complain about the weather, the children, the husband.... haha you get the idea. I alsoshare a few garden phots which I hasten to add are not very good but you can just about see what it is! :o)
    Enjoy the blogging Doris, I have added you on my sidebar. I am going to try and post this as Daffy from Wordpress but just in case I can't I'll leave my URL here. :o)
    (AC & Cuppa are just lovely aren't they!)

  2. I clicked on your pics. They're great large. Glad you enjoyed the drop-ins.

  3. Hi...another blogger from AC ! I love the picture of the Pileated Woodpecker. I am lucky enough to have two of them visiting an old, dead tree in a lot next to my home. They are exciting to watch.
    Good luck with your blog.

  4. You're Welcome sweetie! I'll be adding tou to my blogroll! Don't want to miss a thing!!
    Happy Saturday to you!!!